Colour consultancy

Are you hesitant when it comes to choosing colours for your own home? This task is quite daunting and sometimes you just need reassurance of your own choices, especially when considering light, which plays a major part in how the colour will look. This consultancy service is suitable for those of you who need guidance choosing paint colours or wallpaper, or need a complete colour scheme based on your preferences. 

 We will visit your home to discuss your requirements. We assess each room, space, lighting source, existing fabrics and furnishings, as well as what the room will be used for and by whom. There is so much to consider besides light; the size of the space you want to paint, considering the use of existing furnishings and accessories, as well as how you live and what mood you what to create in the space. Soon after this visit, you will receive a colour specification detailing selected paint or wall coverings, colour charts showing colour combination and finishes. This will feature colour swatches and recommended paint finishes for each surface, as well as details of suppliers. 

All this is carried out so your colours will look fabulous in the spaces you want them to, improving your everyday living and helping you take a fundamental step in re-decorating your home.