Project management

A vital role in the success of any interior design scheme is the way the entire process is managed. Successful project management means having a very sound grasp of the overall project while ensuring every detail of every aspect of it is present and correct. We can offer years of experience in doing just this, from sourcing the individual elements of your design, supervising the interior building workmen to overseeing the ordering, delivery and installation of the joinery and furniture by trusted craftsmen.

We are in close communication with all our suppliers, deliverers and installers. In addition, regular on site visits are made to oversee work and ensure quality control and the emerging completion of your project. We want you to enjoy the design process as much as we do, and to be happy with every detail of your interior. To that end, we keep in close contact with you, ensuring you are in on any last-minute decisions that need to be made. If you then wish to go that one step further, we can help with interior styling – dressing your interior with the finishing touches that we hope will exceed your expectations!